WWE weekly programmes preview, 3-9 July 2024
WWE weekly programmes preview, 3-9 July 2024

We’re getting locked in with the latest happenings of the WWE and we’d love our beloved GOtv subscribers to join us on the journey. Where have you been? We’ve been waiting specifically just for you to come along with us for the ride!

The action gets started off on the morning of Wednesday 3 July with WWE NXT Episode 780. Guilia’s NXT debut was unfortunately postponed due to her sustaining a wrist injury, but now that is out of the way and she’s ready to finally get things going in this next chapter of her career.

“The final test results for his wrist injury will be available early next week. Today at the press conference, I wanted to proudly say, “I’m making a comeback!” Sorry, we’re doing everything humanity can do… Please wait a little longer. Everyone, pray!” she wrote on X (formerly Twitter). Are you looking forward to her debut in the franchise? Make sure to check it out with GOtv!

Then moving on to WWE SmackDown, Episode 1298 will be on your screens on Saturday 6 July. With The Rock rumoured to be coming back to the segment, you’ll want to be glued to your screens to get a first look into how the legendary wrestler makes his return. There’s been a long debate about who should be regarded as the “Greatest of All Time” between John Cena and The Rock, while Jonathan Coachman gave his opinion.

“Cena has done it almost better than anybody, but he is not the greatest of all time. To me, The Rock will always be the greatest of all time because I saw it first-hand. All the top fives you're talking about? I was there, and to me, there is nobody who was able to diversify and be better than what The Rock was able to do,” he said. Well, who’s your G.O.A.T?

Tuesday 9 July will bring Episode 1624 of WWE Raw. WWE Hall of Famer Sika passed away last week, and the franchise has dedicated their time to giving a tribute to him which will be airing on GOtv. His son Roman Reigns seems to have carried on his legacy well, but it begs the question, will he ever live up to the expectations of fans of the franchise?

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WWE weekly programmes broadcast details, 3-9 July 2024

All times CAT

Wednesday 3 July

02:00: WWE NXT Episode 780 LIVE on WWE Channel 128

Saturday 6 July

02:00: WWE SmackDown Episode 1298 LIVE on WWE Channel 128

Tuesday 9 July

02:00: WWE Raw Episode 1624 LIVE on WWE Channel 128