GOtv Wow is a retention programme (launched in March 2017) aimed at rewarding and giving a “shout-out” to subscribers for their continuous loyalty to the brand. The programme aims to add more value for loyal customers by creating the very best television entertainment experience which includes access to exciting additional content at no extra cost.

We’re committed to finding ways to improve our service and creating more value for our customers. The programme is aimed at rewarding and thanking customers for their continuous loyalty to GOtv.

  • GOtv Max and Plus customers who stay continuously connected for three months will qualify for airtime rewards, this is our way of saying thank you for their continued loyalty.
  • GOtv Plus customers who pay on time will continue to get access to 1 week of GOtv Max Sports.
  • GOtv Max and Plus customers who pay on time will get access to two extra channels until 28th February 2019, upon which the channels will terminate

You can pay your subscription through:
  • Guardian Bank
  • Prime Bank
  • Guaranty Trust
  • Airtel mobile money
  • Rafiki Bank
  • Diamond Trust
  • NIC Bank
  • Centenary Bank
  • Paramount
  • Jamii Bora Bank
  • Faulu Bank
  • Imperial Bank
  • I&M Bank
  • Middle East

Always leave your decoder switched on when you pay your subscription.

Self activate your decoder by sending the following: 

accept*IUC number*Surname*mobile number*City*Package type# to the following short code 22688. 

Example: Accept 2000123544 Surname 0722123456 City GOtvMax#  

You can get a GOtv decoder for:

  • 1. Gotv decoder (Gocoda) + remote @Kshs. 1,999
  • 2. Gotv decoder (Gocoda) + remote + Antenna (Gotenna) @Kshs. 3,499
  • 3. Gotv Antenna (Gotenna) @Kshs. 1,500


No, GOtv is already on the latest DVB-T2 technology, means there is no need to replace or upgrade your decoder – going with GOtv means you will be on the latest technology.

To get a list of GOtv retailers and agents visit our website on 

Call our Self- services number  and follow the voice prompts; on 0711 066 555 or visit

E16 /E30 means your decoder has been disconnected. Please ensure your decoder is switched on before paying your subscription. SMS reset and your IUC number to 22688 if you are still experiencing the E16/E30 error message.
E30 means your decoder has been switched off or there was no signal available for a long time. If your subscription has been paid in full, please ensure your decoder is switched on and SMS reset to 22688 to clear the error message displayed on your decoder.