GOtv Stream App: Your favourite shows now on the go
GOtv Stream App: Your favourite shows now on the go

Adventure, drama, laughter ... get ready to stream, anywhere, anytime with GOtv Stream

Are you ready to take your TV experience to the next level? Set sail into a sea of unlimited entertainment with the new GOtv Stream App. Say goodbye to the days of enjoying your favourite shows just at home! Now, your favourite TV shows, live sports matches, and all your must-see movies are all on your mobile device, just a tap away, ready to follow you wherever you go.

Why GOtv Stream? For the simple reason - we've designed our service just for you. GOtv Stream is not just another app, it's an extension of our commitment to deliver quality, convenience, and control right into your hands. It's our way of saying, "We understand your needs and are here to meet them."

Whether you're lounging at home, on your way to work, waiting for your date to arrive or holidaying away from family, the GOtv Stream App guarantees your chosen content is always at your fingertips. We're not just talking convenience; we're revolutionising how you connect with your desired entertainment.

Let's jump in and discover how the GOtv Stream App offers a new standard for on-the-go entertainment:

  1. GOtv Stream - bringing entertainment to your fingertips
  • Introducing the future of TV: The wait is over! As of 16 November 2023, the GOtv Stream App will be available for downloading on both iOs and Android. All you need to do afterwards is create your profile using your GOtv details and the rest – well that is up to you and your mood.
  • TV anywhere, anytime: Whether it's Premier League action on GOtv Supa+ or your favourite local and international shows, streaming them on your device has never been easier.
  1. Tailored to your lifestyle
  • Stream as per your package: Only watch what you love. Your GOtv package determines your access, so you get a personalised viewing experience.
  • Catch-Up made easy: Missed an episode? With the Catch-Up feature, you'll never fall behind on your favourite shows.
  • Downloads for offline viewing: Travelling or facing spotty internet? Download up to 25 shows using your Wi-Fi or mobile data connection or mobile data and enjoy them offline.
  1. Designed for the whole family
  • Something for everyone: Stream content that suits every family member, from intense sports to kids' picks like How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World.
  • Safe and managed viewing for kids: Plan your family's viewing with a comprehensive TV guide and manage what the little ones watch for peace of mind.
  1. Tech savvy, user friendly
  • Seamless streaming on any internet connection: Whether it's 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi, GOtv Stream works seamlessly, recommending a 10Mbps line for the most seamless experience.
  • Multi-device accessibility: Register up to four devices per subscription - one for each family member.
  1. Exclusive festive content just a click away
  • Holiday season specials: Don't miss out on festive favourites like The Best Man Holiday and The First Noelle. Kids can enjoy The Secret Life of Pets and more!
  1. Value-added convenience guaranteed
  • GOtv Stream - included in your subscription: Download the app today, already part of your GOtv subscription. No extra fees, just extra fun.
  • Manage your subscription effortlessly: Use the MyGOtv app to upgrade, reconnect, or manage your account with ease.

This Festive Season, Stay Connected with GOtv Stream

The holidays are about relaxing, enjoying, and creating memories. Why miss a moment when GOtv Stream brings every laugh, tear, and cheer right to your screen, wherever you are?

Don't just hear about it. Experience it. Download the GOtv Stream app today from your app store. Remember, it's already part of your GOtv subscription - because we believe in adding value. Stay connected, get connected, or upgrade to capture every moment of your favourite show on your favourite channel!