Basketball Africa League preview
Basketball Africa League preview

Africa has levelled up and GOtv is going to deliver the access right to you. The Basketball Africa League (BAL) will see the Playoffs for the 2024 season played in late May, with the Final set for the afternoon of Saturday 1 June. SuperSport will bring GOtv viewers LIVE and delayed coverage of selected matches.

The artists scheduled to perform during the 2024 playoffs and finals at BK Arena in Kigali, Rwanda, from 24 May to 1 June, have been announced by the BAL. Superstar Adekunle Gold of Nigeria will perform on stage with The Ben, Juno Kizigenza, Alyn Sano, Chriss Eazy, and other popular Rwandan musicians. So it’s two in one, fantastic performances along with quality basketball. What’s not to love with GOtv?

The action takes place in the BK Arena in Kigali, Rwanda, starting out on Saturday 25 May with a LIVE clash between Nigeria’s Rivers Hoopers and AS Douanes, and followed by delayed coverage of the game between Al Ahly of Egypt and South African hopefuls Cape Town Tigers.

AS Douanes coach Mamadou Gueye is hopeful that his team will address their lack of efficiency at both ends of the field, heading into the Playoffs.

“A lot of things still need to be corrected, because there is a lot of waste on both sides of the field,” said Gueye. “We lack lucidity at a given moment in the match because we cannot afford to lead the score with eight or even nine points and let the opponent come back.”

Rivers Hoopers player Kelvin Amayo believes his team is blazing a path for Nigerian basketball: “Everybody counted us out, but I have been saying this since the training camp in Lagos and Port Harcourt… A lot of people were laughing at what happened to Nigeria teams before; But we created a really good group.”

Reigning BAL champions Al Ahly of Egypt will look to Jo-Lual Acuil for more inspiration after he set a competition record for the most points in a game (41) earlier this season, while Libya’s Al Ahly Ly could be one of the dark horses for the Playoffs.

“I am excited for this team, for Libya, to get the chance to go the Playoffs, it’s a great feeling,” said player Kevin Murphy. “We did our best. We had some injuries, but we still stuck together to make it to the Playoffs. That shows that we can do it. Whoever we are going to fight there, we are going to fight to the end.”

The afternoon of Monday 27 May brings delayed coverage of the first two Quarterfinals, while the evening of Thursday 30 May has delayed coverage of both Semifinal games.

On Saturday 1 June, tune in for LIVE coverage of the Final, followed immediately by a delayed broadcast of the Third Place Playoff. So make sure you get a piece of the action with us, we’ve been patiently waiting specifically for you to join the GOtv family.

Basketball Africa League schedule

Saturday 25 May

17:30: Rivers Hoopers v AS Douanes – LIVE on SuperSport GOtv Select 2

19:30: Al Ahly v Cape Town Tigers – Delayed on SuperSport GOtv Select 2

Monday 27 May

14:00: Quarterfinal 1 – Delayed on SuperSport GOtv Select 2

16:00: Quarterfinal 2 – Delayed on SuperSport GOtv Select 2

Thursday 30 May

19:40: Semifinal 1 – Delayed on SuperSport GOtv Select 2

21:40: Semifinal 2 – Delayed on SuperSport GOtv Select 2

Saturday 1 June

16:00: Final – LIVE on SuperSport SuperSport GOtv Select 2

18:00: Third Place Playoff – Delayed on SuperSport GOtv Select 2