WWE weekly programmes preview, 12-18 June 2024
WWE weekly programmes preview, 12-18 June 2024

Are you ready? Dive into the world of professional wrestling as the next episodes of the WWE franchises will be delivered right into the comfort of your home courtesy of GOtv. Get involved and don’t miss out!

The action starts off on the morning of Wednesday 12 June with Episode 777 of WWE NXT. Kelani Jordan has been described as the “perfect baby face” after she won the Inaugural NXT Women’s North American Championship title and it looks as though she has no signs of slowing down. She also bagged a victory at the NXT Battleground, with GOtv, you’ll be able to get a look at her as she keeps gunning for promotion. Do you think she can do it?

Saturday 15 June brings Episode 1295 of WWE SmackDown. Cody Rhodes has made it clear that he wants to do more fighting than talking from now on, wanting to show AJ Styles that he means business. But another thing that’s grabbing viewers attention is how he might have a showdown with The Rock, if he makes a return to the big time. “I don’t know, with his schedule, if he’s ever going to come back [to wrestling more permanently]. But I do believe he will. And I believe he’ll come looking for me. And I’ll be right where he left me,” Rhodes said.

Tuesday 18 June will feature Episode 1621 of WWE Raw. While one WWE talent is likely to go, another appears to be staying.

Chad Gable's WWE contract status has become a heated subject recently. Gable has been involved in a major storyline with his Alpha Academy group members and Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn. Gable will challenge Zayn for the IC gold at WWE Clash at the Castle 2024 on Saturday, but reports have surfaced that Gable's contract is about to expire. With GOtv, you’ll be able to see if he stays on or if his journey has come to an end.

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WWE weekly programmes broadcast details, 12-18 June 2024

All times CAT

Wednesday 12 June

02:00: WWE NXT Episode 777 LIVE on WWE Channel 128

Saturday 15 June

02:00: WWE SmackDown Episode 1295 LIVE on WWE Channel 128

Tuesday 18 June

02:00: WWE Raw Episode 1621 LIVE on WWE Channel 128