NBA preview, 8-14 March
NBA preview, 8-14 March

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The live NBA action will begin on the morning of 8 March, as the defending champions Denver Nuggets welcome the Boston Celtics to Colorado. Nikola Jokic of the Nuggets has recently received his flowers from tennis great Novak Djokovic.

“He's huge. He's one of the best athletes we've ever had in the history of Serbian sport. What he has been doing in the last three years is just remarkable, not just for Serbian basketball, but also for European basketball, playing in the strongest basketball league in the world. He's amazing. I just love him a lot as a person,” said Nole.

The morning of Saturday 9 March and the evening of Sunday 10 March will air two games featuring the Milwaukee Bucks in Los Angeles as the team takes on the Lakers first, then shift their attention to the game against the Clippers.

LeBron James recently made even more history in his decorated career, becoming the first player to reach 40,000 points. What LeBron has accomplished is truly remarkable, and even the opposition recognises it. Nikola Jokic congratulated James on reaching the milestone.

“It’s just amazing how many years he’s playing at an extremely high level. When you see now who can reach him, it’s really hard to see. Maybe Anthony Edwards, maybe Luka Doncic if he plays long enough… It’s amazing to share the floor with a guy like LeBron.”

Utah Jazz will host the Boston Celtics in Salt Lake City on Wednesday 13 March, and the Dallas Mavericks will play the Golden State Warriors in Texas on Thursday, 14 March.

Celtics are on a power trip, currently on a winning streak and getting recognition from fans and analysts alike about their performances in the NBA.

"We're gonna have to take it to the road now," the Celtics' Derrick White said. "This is the NBA. Got a lot of good teams coming up on the schedule and it's going to be a good challenge for us."

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NBA broadcast details

Friday 8 March

05:00: Denver Nuggets v Boston Celtics – LIVE on ESPN

Saturday 9 March

05:00: LA Lakers v Milwaukee Bucks – LIVE on ESPN 2

Sunday 10 March

21:00: LA Clippers v Milwaukee Bucks – LIVE on ESPN

Wednesday 13 March

03:00: Utah Jazz v Boston Celtics – LIVE on ESPN 2

Thursday 14 March

02:30: Dallas Mavericks v Golden State Warriors – LIVE on ESPN