GOTV WEEKLY HIGHLIGHTS 26 November – 2 December 2021
GOTV WEEKLY HIGHLIGHTS 26 November – 2 December 2021
GOTV WEEKLY HIGHLIGHTS 26 November – 2 December 2021


53 Extra 

Genre: Lifestyle 

Monday 29 November at 12:00 on Africa Magic Family, available on GOtv Value and up 

‘53 Extra’ features music, film, fashion, red carpet events, and news about celebrities and industry leaders from across the African continent. 

The Johnsons 

Genre: Comedy 

Tuesday 30 November at 22:00 on Africa Magic Urban, available on GOtv Supa 

A family sitcom focused on an average family based in Lagos Nigeria, their diverse traits and how they cope with what life has to offer them. 

Oge Nkwa 

Genre: Music 

Wednesday 1 December at 13:00 on Africa Magic Igbo, available on GOtv Max and up 

A musical playlist that highlights the rich cultural aesthetics of the Igbo people. It is also filled with entertainment and information through the medium of music. 


Genre: Drama 

Thursday 2 December at 19:00 on Africa Magic Yoruba, available on GOtv Max and up 

The story of ‘Hush’ revolves around Bem and Arinola, power-players in fashion and politics respectively. 



WWE Smackdown 

Sport: WWE 

Saturday 27 November at 02:00 on WWE Channel, available on GOtv Supa 

Catch all the action from the latest episode of WWE Smackdown, aired live on the WWE Channel, featuring WWE Superstars such as Roman Reigns and Charlotte Flair. 

La Liga: Villarreal v Barcelona 

Sport: Football 

Saturday 27 November at 22:00 on SuperSport GOtv La Liga, available on GOtv Max and up 

Villarreal will look to claim an upset win over La Liga heavyweights Barcelona when the teams meet at the Camp Nou Stadium. 

Serie A: Napoli v Lazio 

Sport: Football 

Sunday 28 November at 21:45 on SuperSport GOtv Select 1, available on GOtv Plus and up 

Italian Serie A heavyweights Napoli and Lazio will meet for a potential thriller at Stadio Diego Armando Maradona. 

5 Colour Fitness 

Sport: Home fitness 

Thursday 2 December at 17:00 on SuperSport GOtv Select 2, available on GOtv Plus and up 

Get fit in the comfort of your own home: we have designed five unique paths to a better you, every colour represents a different program. You choose which personality and fitness regime you are comfortable with.  



Eredivisie: Sparta Rotterdam v Ajax 

Sport: Football 

Sunday 28 November at 13:05 on ESPN, available on GOtv Max and up 

The Dutch Eredivisie will see Sparta Rotterdam looking to put a spanner in the works for the defending champions Ajax at the Sparta Stadion. 

NBA: Los Angeles Clippers v Golden State Warriors 

Sport: Basketball 

Sunday 28 November at 22:30 on ESPN, available on GOtv Max and up 

The NBA Regular Season will feature a California derby, as the Los Angeles Clippers welcome the Golden State Warriors to the Staples Center. 

NBA Today 

Sport: Basketball 

Tuesday 30 November at 21:00 on ESPN, available on GOtv Max and up 

This daily NBA show is broadcast live from Los Angeles and brings you everything you need to know about the world’s greatest basketball league. 

NFL Live 

Sport: American Football 

Tuesday 30 November at 22:00 on ESPN, available on GOtv Max and up 

ESPN's NFL Live scoops the latest news and information from deep inside the NFL and deposits it into your ears. 



High Road to China 

Genre: Action 

Friday 26 November at 19:00 on KIX, available on GOtv Supa 

A spoiled heiress (Bess Armstrong) hires a tipsy biplane pilot (Tom Selleck) and his sidekick (Jack Weston) to find her father in 1920s China. Directed by Brian G. Hutton. 

American Gangster 

Genre: Crime, drama  

Saturday 27 November at 21:30 on TNT, available on GOtv Max and up 

Frank Lucas takes control of his boss Ellsworth Johnson's business after he dies of a heart attack. Soon, Lucas expands his control to various businesses while secretly running a drug cartel. Starring Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe, directed by Ridley Scott. 

The Wedding Do Over 

Genre: Romance, comedy 

Sunday 28 November at 15:20 on M-Net Movies 4, available on GOtv Max and up 

Abby is a wedding planner who specializes in fixing nuptials that went wrong. Forced to work with her ex-fiance, she soon begins to question whether their relationship was the disaster that she remembers. Starring Nicole Anderson and Parker Young, directed by W.D. Hogan. 

Mercury Rising 

Genre: Action, thriller 

Sunday 28 November at 17:30 on M-Net Movies 4, available on GOtv Max and up 

An outcast FBI agent is assigned to protect a nine year old autistic boy, as the boy becomes a target for assassin, after he cracks a top secret government code. Starring Bruce Willis and Kim Dickens, directed by Harold Becker. 



Law of the Heart 

Genre: Drama 

Monday 29 November at 21:00 on Telemundo, available on GOtv Plus and up 

The stories of love, deceit, heartbreaks and irreconcilable differences brighten ‘Law of the Heart’. Who will finally say goodbye to an unfaithful partner, and who will find reasons to stay in the relationship? 

My Hearts Knows 

Genre: Drama 

Tuesday 30 November at 19:00 on Zee World, available on GOtv Plus and up 

Eighteen-year-old, Kalyani lives in Aurangabad with her parents, Atul and Madhuri. On their wedding anniversary, Madhuri slips on a balcony and tragedy ensues. 

Strange Love 

Genre: Drama 

Wednesday 1 December at 19:00 on Star Life, available on GOtv Max 

‘Strange Love’ is the story of Shlok, who is riddled with issues from his past experiences that shapes his arrogant personality which contributes to his course of actions, especially when it comes to Aastha. 

Manuel & Silvana 

Genre: Drama 

Thursday 2 December at 15:20 on Telemundo, available on GOtv Plus and up 

A high society woman loses everything and has to move with her three daughters, and her mom to a middle-class neighbourhood. 



The Fungies! 

Genre: Animation 

Monday 29 November at 15:15 on Cartoon Network, available on GOtv Max and up 

Seth, a whimsical mushroom, learns new lessons as he goes through exciting adventures with his friends and family in Fungietown. 

Mr Bean: The Animated Series 

Genre: Animation 

Tuesday 30 November at 14:50 on Boomerang, available on GOtv Supa 

Following the animated adventures of the clueless yet brilliant Mr Bean and his faithful sidekick Teddy. 

Xploration DIY SCI 

Genre: Education 

Wednesday 1 December at 19:35 on Da Vince, available on GOtv Max and up 

The "don't try this at home" warning seen on some TV shows doesn't apply to this series, which encourages the discovery of scientific concepts through experiments that viewers can reproduce in their own homes. 

Doc McStuffins 

Genre: Animation 

Thursday 2 December at 11:30 on Disney Junior, available on GOtv Value and up 

Dottie McStuffins puts on her stethoscope and starts fixing toys and dolls, as she wants to become a doctor like her mother. 



American Monster 

Genre: Crime, documentary 

Friday 26 November at 22:40 on Discovery ID, available on GOtv Value and up 

The most terrifying criminals often hide in plain sight, looking as ordinary as a friendly next-door neighbour. Those regular Joes are the focus of ‘American Monster’ precisely because lurking within them are psychopathic killers. 

Celebrity Game Face 

Genre: Game show 

Saturday 27 November at 20:00 on E! Entertainment available on GOtv Value and up 

Host, Kevin Hart, along with his wife, challenges celebrity couples to compete in various wacky, fun games remotely from their homes. 

Judge Judy 

Genre: Reality 

Sunday 28 November at 15:45 on CBS Reality, available on GOtv Max and up 

With her outspoken style, hard-hitting decisiveness and engaging wit, Judge Judith Sheindlin single-handedly reinvented the courtroom genre and, in the process, has become a pop culture icon. A former New York family court judge known for her ability to cut through a dispute and get to the core of the emotional issue at hand, Judge Judy acts as a true moral compass for people seeking guidance, resolution and common sense in their lives. 

The Weather Files: Total Impact 

Genre: Actuality 

Sunday 28 November at 21:50 on Discovery Family, available on GOtv Value and up 

This series takes viewers inside extreme weather events and natural disasters like never before and offers a new twist on the genre by examining aspects of natural disasters that most people have never heard about, including the unexpected and surprising ripple effects of disasters.