WWE weekly programmes preview, 6-12 March
WWE weekly programmes preview, 6-12 March

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Wednesday morning on the 6th of March gives viewers WWE NXT pleasure as Episode 736 airs. The surprising return of Shawn Spears, who used to go by Tye Dillinger is making headlines and it was announced that he will be in action at NXT Roadblock.

After his dramatic return where he attacked Ridge Holland with a chair, Spears is remaining coy on his return and is only posting cryptic messages on social media. One of them being: "Sometimes, the truth hurts. But if it comes from me... It always will."

Episode 1281 of Smackdown will air on Saturday, 9 March. The “Bloodline” saga has kept viewers glued to their seats as the plot thickens. On the other hand, WWE Hall of Famer Rey Mysterio made a return to the show. Rey expressed his happiness at being with his family again and insisted that he would not allow Carlito to take on Escobar alone in the Street Fight.

Mysterio cautioned Santos that this was only the beginning and that he would suffer more punishment.

"This is a solid team. This is family, familia. And there was no way I was gonna leave Carlito alone today. Even though family is always here and present, this is only the beginning to what's to come for Santos Escobar. I can't stand this," Rey Mysterio said.

The WWE Raw action on Tuesday 12 March will see Episode 1607 on show for GOtv subscribers. Nia Jax versus Becky Lynch will be the revenge match. Jax used the Annihilator and a clean punch to defeat Becky on Raw earlier this year.

Jax stated unequivocally that she plans to hurt Becky and remove her from WrestleMania:

“There’s no way she should be going to WrestleMania. It should be me! I beat Becky clean. Oh, there’s no way she’s gonna make it to WrestleMania, you better believe that,” declared Jax.

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WWE weekly programmes broadcast details, 6-12 March 2024

All times CAT

Wednesday 6 March

03:00: WWE NXT Episode 736 LIVE on WWE Channel 128

Saturday 9 March

03:00: WWE SmackDown Episode 1281 LIVE on WWE Channel 128

Tuesday 12 March

03:00: WWE Raw Episode 1607 LIVE on WWE Channel 128